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Dharma talks by Guiding Teacher Dokai Georgesen

The Backward Step: Ending Our Self-obsession
Clouds in Water Zen Center  10/18/2015

One Fortunate Attachment
Milwaukee Zen Center   5/31/2015

Birth and Death
Dharma Field  8/26/2012

Don’t Do Violence by Seeking

I Don’t Direct Anything

Continuous Practice
Clouds in Water Zen Center  6/28/2009

The Mind Arising

Don’t Try to Control Things

Ordinary Mind is the Way

Giving and Generosity
Clouds in Water Zen Center  11/11/2007

Nodes in Bamboo
Clouds in Water Zen Center 2005


Writings from Dokai

Rabbi Yeshua and Dongshan – May, 2013

Not Bad is Just Enough – November 2012

Gods and Demons – May 2008

The Body Becomes the Whole Universe – February 2008

The Path Available to All – January 2008

In gratitude for the Hokyoji community – Winter 2007


Writings from other teachers

One Precious Human Life by Byakuren Judith Ragir

Sitting in the Zendo . . . by Ekyo Susan Nelson