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Practice vision

Practice vision: to provide a variety of Buddhist practice and program opportunities that meet, support, nourish and enrich the lives of all people who are wholeheartedly seeking peace and refuge, whatever their life circumstances may be.

Core practice
We intend to maintain and develop facilities and programs for the purpose of Buddhist practice and study that honors the vision of Hokyoji’s founder Dainin Katagiri Roshi. At the core of Hokyoji’s practice vision is a community of residential practitioners engaged in daily Zen practice and ritual adapted from the Soto Zen school of Japan. Practice periods will meet the requirements of the Soto Zen Buddhist Association.


Cultivating Healthy Communication
Hokyoji recognizes that healthy communication amongst its practitioners is paramount to the success of its mission. It also recognizes that this is not an easy practice and is one which must be worked at. Hokyoji will conduct its internal and external communications with honesty, integrity, transparency and compassion, fostering truthfulness and trust.

Rental Activities
In order to create financial stability and sustainability, Hokyoji may enter into rental contracts for group use with other organizations where activities do not compromise the vision, mission and practice statements.

Hokyoji will seek to extend and expand its base of members and practitioners through outreach activities. There will be a guided pathway on which new people may travel to deepen their practice to whatever level they may be seeking.

Engagement with the Environment
Hokyoji is deeply grateful for its beautifully wild and sacred natural environment and exists in harmony with it, engaging with the land rather than intruding on it, and recogizing it as a profound and inspiring teacher.

Partherships and Shared Use
Hokyoji values its partners in dharma. Teachers, particularly those in or closely related with the Katagiri Roshi lineage are invited to Hokyoji to lead retreats.

Caring for the Body
To care for our own bodies is to care for the body of Buddha. Hokyoji will incorporate space into its daily programs, retreats and sesshins for care of the body. In particular, this means retaining its strength, keeping it flexible and aerobically fit.

Cultivating Artistic Expression
Zen has always had a strong relationship to the arts. Artistic expression clarifies the mind and its interconnection to its senses. Hokyoji will continue to honor and develop this tradition.