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Practice Periods


Practice periods offer the chance to settle into the rhythm of steady, sustained and structured practice over an extended period of time.  Hokyoji’s practice period schedule does not focus exclusively on zazen, but emphasizes a holistic approach to caring for the body and mind. There is time for individual relaxation and rest, exercise and body work, and group discussion of a classic or contemporary spiritual text. Private discussion with a senior teacher is also possible.  

Each week of Practice Period will start on Tuesday evening and go through Sunday morning. Although full participation in the practice period is encouraged, it is possible to attend in one-week increments.  If the one-week increment won’t work for you, please contact us to discuss options.  You may register online.  Please sign up to participate in a practice period at least 48 hours before your planned arrival.  Not only does this give us the time we need to make sure we can feed and accommodate you, it gives you the opportunity to be thoughtful about your practice commitment.

Suggested contribution: members: $45/day, non-members: $55/day

Practice Period schedule

4:00 pm Arrival
6:00 pm Informal supper
7:30 pm Orientation and Zazen
8:30 pm End of day
The week’s practice will end with a tea following breakfast cleanup.
Wednesday – Saturday
5:30 am Wake up
6:00 am Zazen (sitting meditation)
6:35 am Kinhin (walking meditation)
6:45 am Zazen
7:20 am Service
7:45 am Breakfast using oryoki
Clean up
Individual Practice

9:00 am Chosan (group study) Wednesday will be a silent day, zazen instead of chosan.
10:00 am Individual Practice
11:10 am Zazen
11:45 am Service
12:05 pm Lunch using oryoki
Clean up

Individual Practice

2:00 pm Communal work practice
3:00 pm Individual Practice

4:15 pm Zazen
4:50 pm Kinhin
5:00 pm Zazen
5:35 pm Service

6:00 pm Supper using oryoki

7:30 pm Zazen
8:05 pm Kinhin
8:15 pm Zazen
8:50 pm End of day