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Newsletter Feb/Mar 2013

You Must Believe in Spring

Spring is trying. You can feel the land starting to stir. But it’s March, the snowiest month of the year, and we’re not free from winter weather just yet. For the first time, Hokyoji’s Winter Practice Period was able to take place in the zendo. The new in-floor heat made for comfortable sitting. The schedule also changed this year. Each week of Practice Period started on Friday evening and went until Thursday morning. This enabled partial participation over the weekend and it was very nice that some of the local practitioners were able to join us. The second Hokyoji Women’s Retreat is coming up the first weekend in April. It looks to be a full house and we are hoping the weather is cooperative. After that it’s the Spring Work Weekend on 5/10-12, followed by a Open House on 5/19. See our Calendar for a full list of upcoming events


Hokyoji, 2-05-13

For Katagiri Roshi

Plain pine desk in small room.

Bony spindle chair with flowered seat.

Old woodstove talking.

Small window-taste of medieval light.

Outside, quiet snow falls like white fog.

Relaxed bunk bed unmade.

Tired grey socks on oak floor.

Black thick coffee in a green cup.

Pebble smoothed mind stream

full of dead brown-robed teacher.

Warm tears strike big, wrinkled hands,

flowing, flowing,

gratitude Grand Canyon deep.

Today, I am 72 years old.


Henry Panowitsch
___Are you able to treat Hokyoji to a bowl of “soup” once a week? ___

A pledge of $10 a month to the Facilities Development Fund would be that bowl of “soup”. Hokyoji has been on a subsistence diet for over twenty years, but in the last few of those years there has been renewed energy and activity towards realizing the promise of Hokyoji. You’ve seen reports: Hokyoji is alive and well and much improved! To sustain this energy, to take full advantage of the current momentum, nourishment is required. Just as all practitioners in the time of Siddhartha Gotama did, Hokyoji relies on the “dana” or generosity of the greater community for its nourishment. So here we are at your door with our bowl, asking you to join this effort with your contribution. If this is a bowl of “soup,” that would be a $10 monthly donation to our Facilities Development Fund, a whole “meal” might be a $50 monthly donation. A donation can be easily made using our secure on-line site, just click here, select the Facilities Fund and follow the prompts. We hope to hear from many of you in the near future. Thanks for any amount you feel you can give.


Hokyoji has openings for volunteers
Anyone interested in working with the membership committee, please email.
Also consider coming to the Hokyoji Spring Work Weekend May 10-12.