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*New Practitioners’ Hall


Help us build your practice future!

It’s time to replace the aging teahouse with a new structure that will allow for expanded, more comfortable practice.

The teahouse (originally the kuin, or kitchen) has served Hokyoji well for decades.  Now at the end of its useful life, it has deteriorated and must be replaced.  While we’re sad to see it go, it does present us with an opportunity to create a new building that will meet the needs of today’s practitioners.

In addition to addressing the health, safety and convenience issues presented by the aging teahouse structure, the new Practitioners’ Hall will provide a much-needed increase in capacity, allowing more practitioners to participate at Hokyoji.  Proposed functions include cooking, bathing, sleeping, meeting and office work.

Can Hokyoji afford a new Practitioners’ Hall?

Hokyoji’s board of directors has conducted a fundraising feasibility study.  Results show that there is broad support for a capital campaign aimed at raising the money to build a new Practitioners’ Hall.  Consultants DAPA, Inc. interviewed key members of the Hokyoji community and report that there is strong support of the leadership and a deep loyalty to Hokyoji, as well as “a sense of history, of life changing encounters, of quiet times and reflections which have stayed with the participants for a lifetime.”  These interviewees indicated willingness to contribute generously to a capital campaign, providing a strong base from which to begin this major fundraising initiative.

Who’s working on the capital campaign?

Marilyn Kaman is serving as campaign chair, supported by subcommittees and work groups as well as the board of directors and Hokyoji staff.  More volunteers are always welcome.  Please contact ___ if you’d like to help.

Is this only for major donors?

Not at all.  While we are investigating matching gifts and talking with major donors, average folks are going to make up a significant portion of our campaign funders.  Your gift in any amount will be greatly appreciated and will really make a difference, helping us demonstrate that Hokyoji’s community really wants this project to succeed and is willing to support it with dollars.

What happens now?

Next steps include strategic planning, identifying key prospects, recruiting a steering committee and preparing communications materials.  As plans progress, additional volunteers will be needed to communicate and work with donors at various levels of giving.