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Goals and strategies

Short term and mid range goals

Fundraising and development

Overall goal: Ensure that resources exist to cover both annual operating expenses and special capital projects.

• Create and maintain positive relationships with donors that encourage them to support Hokyoji.
• Develop contact lists comprising event participants, donors, volunteers and friends of the community who have made some commitment to Hokyoji.
• Identify potential donors and communicate with them about opportunities for giving.
• Determine the resources needed to care for the physical plant in the short and long term, and develop a plan to generate them.
• Identify initiatives most likely to gain financial support from donors (new buildings, support for the resident teacher, meaningful program offerings) and consider creating fundraising efforts around these.

Practice and programming

Overall goal: Provide a variety of Buddhist practice and program opportunities that meet, support, nourish and enrich the lives all people who are wholehearted seeking peace and refuge, whatever their life circumstances may be.

Provide opportunities for serious and intensive practice, as well as events for new practitioners

• Develop and offer introductory retreats, women’s retreats, and other practice opportunities
• Continue and to expand offering retreats led by teachers closely associated with the Dainin Katagiri Roshi lineage
• Offer special retreats by recognized teachers outside of the Katagiri Roshi lineage

Provide opportunities for experiencing and building community practice

• Offer retreats on learning how to share communication respectfully, openly, honestly, and compassionately within the community environment
• Continue and expand practice periods featuring limited coming-and-going of participants


Overall goal: Ensure that Hokyoji’s facilities are safe, appropriate and accommodate practice.

• Create a master plan for the existing site and its structures and investigate its feasibility.
• Create a master plan for the original designated site and investigate its feasibility.
• Ensure that appropriate facilities are available to accommodate current practice while anticipating and planning for future needs and opportunities.

Governance and administration

Overall goal: Ensure a governance and administrative structure that is participatory, consensus oriented, accountable, transparent, responsive, effective and efficient, equitable, inclusive and follows the rule of law.

• Ensure that Hokyoji is in compliance with all applicable local, state and federal requirements for nonprofit corporations.
• Ensure that all necessary governance documents are in place and that all operations are in compliance with them.
• Ensure that a solid administrative infrastructure is in place to support all goals and activities.


Overall goal: Ensure that Hokyoji has the necessary skills, abilities and expertise to meet its goals.

• Determine what specific skills will be needed to meet Hokyoji’s short and mid-term needs.
• Recruit and develop board, committee members, and resident practitioners with the necessary skills.
• Provide for the needs of the resident teacher: compensation, job description, housing, training, practice, community, rest and self-care, annual status review.