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Newsletter Dec 2012/Jan 2013

The Quiet Season


Snow has come and the leaves have gone. The forest around Hokyoji has opened up revealing the land’s contours that have been hidden since spring. The snow reveals the movements of the animals around the grounds.



Best of any song
is bird song in the quiet,
but first you must have the quiet.
— Wendell Berry


December’s Rohatsu Sesshin was our first retreat in the remodeled zendo with it’s heated floor and it was a joy to sit in the spacious beauty together in the quiet season. We were pleased to open up the schedule for partial participation by local members of the community and look forward to continuing to do this during Winter Practice period and future sesshins. Winter is a beautiful time to practice at Hokyoji and we hope you join us in February this year.

  Upcoming Practice Opportunities

Winter Practice Period: February 1-14, Two one week sessions, each starting on Friday evening and ending Thursday mornings. Suggested donation per day: $35-members, $45-non-members. Click here for description of Practice Period.

Second Annual Women’s Restorative Zen Retreat: Friday, April 4 (starts with shared meal at 6 pm) to Sunday, April 6 (ends at 11 am). Mindful walking, yoga, meditation, silence and speech, plus eating together brings nourishment for the rest of our lives. How do we nourish ourselves and each other? Come explore that question with other women who are engaged in waking up to this very life.

Suggested donation range: $75 -$100.

To register click here

Congratulations to Rev. Myo-O Habermas-Scher who received dharma transmission from Rev. Dokai Georgeson on November 25, 2012. This was Hokyoji’s first dharma transmission ceremony. There will be a tea in honor of the occasion on Sunday, April 21, 2013 at 10:30 a.m. at Clouds-in-Water Zen Center in St. Paul, Mn

Siddhartha Gotama:
 There are not only one hundred, or five hundred, but far more men and women lay followers, my disciples, clothed in white, enjoying sensual pleasures, who carry out my instruction, respond to my advice, have gone beyond doubt, become free from perplexity, gained intrepidity and become independent of others in my teaching.Majjhima Nikaya 73

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