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Welcome to Hokyoji!

My dream [of a Zen practice place in the country] is beautiful, a huge job in my life, but even if my dream doesn‘t come true in my lifetime, it is going on life after life.”
— Dainin Katagiri

Hokyoji Zen Practice Community cultivates community through mindfulness practices and teachings in a​ ​cherished natural setting ​with those who yearn for deeper awakening to this very life.  ​Residents and non-residents are invited to participate in our events, which include practice periods and retreats, or to inquire about doing individual practice.  Click here for a schedule of our offerings.

Who’s here

Dokai Georgesen
Dokai Georgesen

Guiding Teacher Rev. Dokai Georgesen is generally on site four days a week, and Executive Director Carl Hultman lives on the grounds in his own yurt.  Kyoku Tracey Walen is a full-time resident and staff member.  Ekyo Susan Nelson (Membership Specialist) and Myo-On Susan Hagler (Outreach Specialist) are part time residents.  Hokyoji also plays host to dharma teachers from around the Midwest and beyond, who bring their own sanghas here for sesshins and retreats or serve as guest teachers for practice events.

The setting

Set among forested hills in rural Minnesota on land selected by Katagiri Roshi and originally developed by the sangha of Minnesota Zen Meditation Center, Hokyoji connects Zen practice with the experience of nature close at hand. The hills and the rustic buildings provide a sense of peace and a deep quiet that washes the spirit and strengthens mindfulness.  Hokyoji’s 105 acres include woods, meadows, a wetland, an oak savannah, a walnut grove and more.  Please come enjoy the land and settle into the Buddha’s practice with us.